Once Oakstand has identified an investment opportunity that meets our strict investment criteria and has undergone our internal ‘stress test’, we will evaluate and source project specific capital. Oakstand will source project specific investment capital from both our private and institutional clients providing the investment opportunity is aligned with the risk profile and performance targets.

Once Oakstand has firmed up the due diligence, investment strategy and targets, resources and delivery team, use of leverage (in conjunction with the appropriate financer), and capital requirements, we will make the appropriate recommendation for the allocation of investment capital. The property advisory team continually sources the market for development opportunities that meet the objectives of our investors and company goals. These initiatives ensure a continual pipeline of potential opportunities.

Oakstand’s internal property advisory team continually monitors and evaluates the progress of the investors portfolio or project through the development phases to ensure the investment targets are being maintained. The advisory division role is to provide the investors with continual market reviews, feasibility review, strategic review and evaluations, and project analysis. Our objective is to ensure that investor targets are maintained through the life of the project in an ever changing environment.

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